• How to make a Paper Helicopter that Flies

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    Is it a bird or a helicopter? Did you ever wonder what would happen to a helicopter if the engine stopped while it was flying? No, it wouldn’t fall out of the sky.

    The Paper Helicopter is a unique design for a vehicle with a spinning vertical descent. Stand on a chair or other high place and just drop it. One way to decorate it is as a jet-pack flier.


    You’ll find his tail and his head separately under More Wings & Tails. All you have to do is match up the two halves at the appropriate points and he’s ready to fly. To easily customize this flier, change his uniform and add markings to his helmet. Another appropriate design for this is a helicopter design. Jettipped ‘copter blades can be found in the Hardware file. The air flowing through the blades would … Continue reading

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  • Prison Break Origami Crane


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    Prison Break Origami Crane

    Origami Crane Prison Break was one of my favorite TV series not only because Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is so handsome, but also for the originality of the story. In one episode, we saw how is used an origami swam … Continue reading

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  • Origami Boat


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    Origami Boat

    How to Make an Origami Boat Are you fascinated of Origami Ships? In this step by step instructable, I'll show how to make the boat. It's very easy and simple! ... How to Make a Paper Boat Origami Tutorial Origami Paper Boat Tutorial I am a child of a shipman and l was attracted by water and boats throughout my childhood. My parents were captains. As a … Continue reading

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  • The Belgian designer Charles Kaisin is the latest figure to join the Rolls-Royce Art Programme and will create an origami installation for the motoring marque's London showroom.

    The Rolls-Royce Art Programme counts a diverse roster of artists among its alumni, including Angela Bulloch, Ugo Rondinone and Isaac Julien.

    do-origamiNow, the latest creative luminary to be called upon by the British motoring marque is Belgian designer Charles Kaisin, who enters the fold with an intricate installation for Rolls-Royce’s London showroom in Berkeley Square.

    The artwork – due to be unveiled tomorrow – will be suspended from the ceiling and comprises more than 2,500 miniature origami pieces. Kaisin graduated from the Royal College of Arts in 2001 but it was his spell at Kyoto University of Arts that kindled his interest in the Japanese art of origami.

    Each individual piece has been folded into the shape of the Spirit of Ecstasy, and once pieced together will recall Rolls-Royce’s iconic bonnet ornament on a larger scale. Some 500 hours were needed to craft and assemble the delicate artwork, which is made from silver paper that will reflect light back into the space.

    Not one to rest on his laurels, Kaisin will extend his creative reach beyond the Rolls-Royce showroom for a surrealist dinner celebrating the new commission – his first in London following similar concept events across the world. The designer has masterminded the entire multi-sensory concept, from costumes through to music and table settings.

    Opera singers and a pianist are just some of the theatrics that lie in store for guests, who will enjoy a five-course meal concocted by French Michelin-starred chef David Martin. Each course is served by performers wearing uniforms specially made to complement the dishes; and guests will receive their very own piece of Kaisin origami to remember the evening by.

    Source: wallpaper-com

    Information: The installation is on view from 28 September – 16 October. For more information, visit the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars website Address: Rolls-Royce 15 Berkeley Square London, W1J 6EG

    Pteron by Charles Kaisin

    With Pteron Charles Kaisin offers us an image of a soaring flight of no less than 2000 paper origamis, in the shape of golden doves. All hand-folded by inmates of St Gilles' prison in Bruxelles. While motion blows life in this installation, it is the light that transforms it into a sort of fragmented, abstract landscape, which flickers to the slightest rush of air like a huge golden chandelier, the symbol of the sponsors' dinner. The opera stage is magically filled with the guilded reflexion of little doves, a game of shadows occurs that enwraps he spectator, who cannot but liaise with this symbolism of freedom, peace and luxury.

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  • Clasic Paper Boat

    How to Make an Origami Boat Are you fascinated of Origami Ships? Origami Paper Boat Tutorial I am a child of a shipman and l was attracted by water and boats throughout my childhood. My parents were captains. As a … Continue reading

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